• Competent, strongheaded ...
    ... and determined
    – that is what our clients are thinking about us!
  • Competent, strongheaded ...
    ... and determined
    – that is what our clients are thinking about us!

Lawyer Oliver Langner | Duesseldorf | Germany

You have developed ideas to represent your enterprise in the market and to separate it towards competitors?
Then you should contact us before the start necessarily, because above all in the area of the trademark law, the competition law, the design law and the copyright there are many traps which can lead very fast to an ending of ambitious projects.

We are a lawyer's office specified on the before mentioned legal areas for more than one decade and, therefore, we have a wide range of experiences with the verbal and optical creation of websites considering compelling and juridical requirements, respectively. In this connection we have regularly clarified brand-juridical and copyright preliminary questions, have carried out brand registrations or have negotiated licence agreements for our mandators to guarantee a start free of friction of the enterprises of our mandators.

In addition, we have helped our mandators also with the defence of a variety of written warnings above all on the legal areas of the trademark law, the competition law and the copyright and could also achieve in cases of entitled cautions constructive solutions for our mandators.
Therefore, from our point of view it is worthwhile to consult early a lawyer competent on these fields.


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We like our profession and, therefore, we are always with heart and mind with your matter!

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We like our profession and, therefore, we are always with heart and mind with your matter!

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Our mandators are often suprised what we can contribute everything constructively in excess of the concrete matter.

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Trademark Law

You have established a company and found a firm name or designed a remarkable logo under which you want offering your goods or services, then you should ...


You are photographer or a programmer and have to assert again and again, that other persons just utilize your pictures without permission or ...

Competition law

As an enterpriser it annoys you again and again that competitioners advertise with incorrect information like „cheapest“ or „best“ price although you are offering the same article ...

Design law

You have created a remarkable piece of jewellery or furnitures, you could not find before, or you have developed a technical machine, which attracts attention through its remarkable visual appearance ...

Tax law

The owner of the lawyer's office is due to a cooperation with his meanwhile deceased business partner tax lawyer. Therefore, we have staff, which prepares ...

Civil law

You bought upscale goods on sales platforms, which afterwards could identify as plagiarism or have a defective quality. We help you ...

Actually, there is always a way

We have made above all in the area of protection of industrial property (trademark law, design law and competition law) during the last 15 years over and over again the experience that the early assignment of a lawyer guarantees an actual legal protection and saves costs. No matter, whether you have got a written warning possibly because of the violation of trademark law or competition law or you want to avenge the violation of trademark law through other people or violation of competitiion law by competitors, in the most cases time -in the true sense- is money. Having said that a wide variety of matters cannot be regulated extrajudicial after just one week time, under circumstances you will be confronted with two civil proceedings after three weeks with cost charges of several thousand euros. We help you with pleasure to avoid such scenarios!

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